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Print Design

Featured here are print materials I have created for my classroom and nonprofit organizations

Aurora House

Brochure Redesign

I was approached by Aurora House, a nonprofit organization that provides end of life care, to redesign their current brochure for fundraising events.  The previous design was requested to be edited down due to being very text heavy.

Designed in Figma


Piedmont CASA

one pager

I condensed a business plan into a summary document that Piedmont CASA could use with stakeholders at events.

Working with the current brand guidelines, all strategic goals are outlined on one page for ease of viewing.

Designed in Figma

Piedmont CASA OnePager Updated.jpg

Biology - Meiosis Scenarios

Classroom Handouts

To help my students better understand the process and consequences of meiosis, I created these handouts of various scenarios that cause chromosomal abnormalities that show up on a karyotype.

Designed in Sketch

Normal Female.jpg
Normal Male.jpg
Klinefelter Syndrome.jpg
Down Syndrome.jpg
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